Welcome to the world’s most livable and sustainable city, a city that aims at becoming a smart city and the greenest city in the world and a city that provides affordable housing, one of the world’s best transportation systems at a cost of just €/$ 365 per year, a successful bikeshare system and the best tap water you can drink.


A city that features a moderate climate, beautiful beaches, amazing mountains, a 50% share of green spaces, the world’s best urban park and an island in a beautiful river. A city that fosters diversity, innovation, creativity, modern architecture, great food and its rich cultural heritage. And, last but not least, a city full of friendly people who embrace community and sustainable, healthy lifestyles.


Unfortunately, this city doesn’t exist. Vienna and Vancouver are still two separate cities on different continents which nonetheless always show up together among the world’s most livable and sustainable cities. However, by taking a closer look at these cities and their different successes and challenges, it becomes clear that they might perfectly complement each other.


That’s why Vienncouver was founded in mid-2014 by Andreas Lindinger, a Business Consultant, Sustainability Expert and Urban Thinker who has been living in Vienna for more than ten years – only interrupted by a one-year stay in Vancouver in 2012/13 where he developed his passion for livable cities and sustainable transportation.


Vienncouver should become a repository of great projects, ideas and best practices from Vienna and Vancouver, a place to explore two of the world’s most livable and sustainable cities and a source of inspiration for other cities as good city-making usually also means “stealing” ideas from the world’s best cities.


List of selected rankings:

[eight_col pos=”first”] Vienna


[eight_col pos=”last”] Vancouver



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