Transforming a street: Before-After images of Vienna's Mariahilferstrasse

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The transformation of Vienna's Mariahilferstrasse, one of Austria's most prominent shopping streets, has turned a street for cars into a great public space for people (see my previous blogposts on the actual transformation and the end result).…

Walking along Vienna's redesigned Mariahilferstrasse

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As one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe the City of Vienna faces a major challenge to redistribute road space from cars to people to create better, greener and healthier public spaces, in particular in its dense inner districts. In…

A Tale of Two Cities (3): A Comparison of Shared Spaces in Vienna and Auckland

In the third and final part of the "A Tale of Two Cities" series on shared spaces in Auckland and Vienna, Darren Davis and Andreas Lindinger compare the two cities' shared space approaches: While Auckland has already implemented a comprehensive…