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Smart Insights: Copenhagen’s world-class Transportation, Waterfronts, Architecture and Public Spaces

I just spent five days in Copenhagen and wonder why the Danish capital doesn’t top all liveability rankings. Let me share some insights from this liveable and sustainable city – with a focus on three topics: water, transportation, and urban development – starting with water. Getting there by train But let me first start with […]

Vienna – Affordable and Inclusive Greatness

I had the pleasure to present a webinar on sustainable transportation, affordable housing and liveable city-making in Vienna as part of Simon Fraser University’s “Beyond the Anglosphere” Webinar Series on international best practices in next-generation transportation and urban planning. From the webinar announcement: “You would think that a city where barely over a quarter of all trips […]

Next-Generation Transportation: Learn from Vancouver, Vienna and other Leaders in Future Urban Mobility!

As you might know, I’ve been studying the Next-Generation Transportation Online Certificate Program of Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University for 1.5 years and successfully completed the program at the beginning of this year. Today, I am happy to be one of the program’s first graduates and to give you a short insight into the program as well as an incentive to […]

Sweet heat! Vienna heats 600 homes with Manner wafers

Who wouldn’t love to know that his home is heated with delicious Manner wafers? Or, to be more precise, with the industrial waste heat from Manner’s wafer production… The famous Viennese company recently announced that it will invest EUR 40m in its factory in the Hernals district to increase production and become more energy efficient. Beginning in autumn, industrial […]

Conceptualizing an integrated Regional Transportation Strategy for the Vienna Metropolitan Region

Given the complex interdependencies between major cities and their surrounding areas, more and more municipalities in large metropolitan regions are developing integrated transportation and land use plans on a regional level (such as SANDAG’s “San Diego Forward – The Regional Plan”) and establishing governance structures/bodies for the implementation of a commonly developed vision for their region’s future development. This […]

Vienna advances Social Housing in new EU Urban Agenda

At the end of last year, one of the EU’s first urban partnerships was founded to advance the EU Urban Agenda. In the light of rapidly changing real estate markets and the fact that already 25% of Europeans spend more than 40% of their income on housing, the partnership is dedicated to the important theme of […]

Transforming a street: Before-After images of Vienna’s Mariahilferstrasse

The transformation of Vienna’s Mariahilferstrasse, one of Austria’s most prominent shopping streets, has turned a street for cars into a great public space for people (see my previous blogposts on the actual transformation and the end result). The 1.6 km long street now consists of two shared space areas and one pedestrian area and has become […]