Sweet heat! Vienna heats 600 homes with Manner wafers

Who wouldn’t love to know that his home is heated with delicious Manner wafers? Or, to be more precise, with the industrial waste heat from Manner’s wafer production… The famous Viennese company recently announced that it will invest EUR 40m in its factory in the Hernals district to increase production and become more energy efficient.

Beginning in autumn, industrial waste heat from Manner’s baking process will be fed into Wien Energie’s district heating network to be used for heating and hot water for 600 households and businesses in the adjoining districts of Hernals and Ottakring. Moreover, excess industrial waste heat will be used for cooling by Manner itself. From an environmental perspective, the investment reduces annual CO2 emissions by 1,000 tons.

Manner’s project contributes to Wien Energie’s 1,200 km long district heating network which is one of the largest in Europe and supplies more than 350,000 apartments (around a third of all Viennese households) and 6,800 corporate customers with environmentally friendly heating. In all, district heating in Vienna saves 1.5m tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Two thirds of Vienna’s district heating comes from cogeneration and the industrial sector while one third from waste incineration and biomass/biogas plants. It ensures that waste is disposed in the best way possible and that industry heat is used and not dissipated. Moreover, surplus heat in summer isn’t dissipated but used for district cooling.


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